Policies and Procedures

Our Studio Safety Policies and Procedures 2022/23

We follow the Safer Studio ™ Guidelines

As we start the new season here at Bloom, 356平台想和你们分享356平台为面对面课程制定的指导方针和安全程序. These guidelines include social distancing, limited capacity in classes, increased sanitary and cleaning measures, mask wearing for our 工作人员 and students as per government mandate, hospital grade air purification and more.356平台相信356平台课和舞蹈课是孩子成长为一个人和艺术家的重要组成部分. We are truly grateful that we still have the opportunity to do that. 在您的帮助下,356平台可以遵循这些指导方针,使舞蹈和356平台安全,方便!洛杉矶市要求12岁或以上的学生提供COVID-19疫苗接种证明,以便参加面对面的室内教学. Students 18 years of age or older must also provide identification.

Wellness Checks For Staff

所有教师和工作人员都将接受与预防COVID-19社区传播有关的定期和持续的安全培训.All 工作人员 members are wellness checked before their shift.

Daily Home Wellness Checks - Parent Responsibility


Student Wellness Check Upon 到来

布卢姆大学保留对任何出现疾病症状的学生进行体温检查的权利. For the safety of the entire community, we will go by the results of our thermometer, despite what the child’s temperature may have been before leaving home.Any child with a temperature of 100.4 or over will not be able to join the class. This also applies to any child exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms such as, but not limited to, a runny nose, 咳嗽, fever or chills, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, muscle or body aches.如果您或您的孩子接触过COVID-19检测呈阳性或患有呼吸道疾病的人, your child will need to remain home for 14 days from the day of exposure.以下是每个人进入356平台的设施时必须回答的问题:- Have you had any close contact with a confirmed case of COVID recently?
- Are you experiencing any shortness of breath, 咳嗽ing, or sore throat?
- Have you had a fever in the past 48 hours?
- Have you recently experienced any vomiting or diarrhea?
Parents are asked to keep their children at home if they, or a member of their household, have a fever or respiratory symptoms. They may still attend class virtually.Parents are asked not to send their children to class if they, or a member of their household, have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days. They may attend class virtually. Same tuition applies.

Hand Hygiene

员工将在每次上课前后洗手和/或消毒.Hand sanitizer will be available directly inside all entrances, outside of every classroom, and inside the classrooms. 学生将被要求在上课前后洗手和/或消毒.Hand washing posters are posted within bathrooms.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

356平台增加了在高流量区域和工作室高接触表面(如门)的清洁频率和卫生程序, 巴尔, 地板, counters, 音响, 钢琴, 木槌, 瓶, sticks etch and bathrooms.

Enhanced Ventilation And Air Purification Systems

除了使用雾机杀死空气和气溶胶中的病毒颗粒, 356平台在医疗级空气净化器上投入了大量资金,以增加通风,过滤掉空气中可能存在的病毒颗粒. “H13 Medical Grade HEPA - Captures 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns. 通常被称为“医疗级过滤”,因为它涉及到空气过滤的纯度.” - MedifyAir

Minimized Mixing And Mingling

We have made facility, scheduling, 以及改变课程以减少混杂,以支持保持社交距离的建议. 然而, we understand that unlike older children and adults, 不能指望幼儿在任何时候都保持社交距离.

Facility & Curricular Adjustments

家长和监护人被鼓励在学生上课期间在外面等候. In accordance with the LA City ordinance, 所有符合条件的个人必须完全接种疫苗才能进入室内大厅等候区和大厅区域.Please bring clearly labeled water bottles.Dancers will bring all dance bags into the studio for changing shoes. Dancers are asked to only bring necessary items, yoga mat, towel and water bottle with them into the studio.Doors will remain open during lessons.No food will be allowed in the school.课程调整以减少道具的使用(除非只使用一种道具), eliminate hand-holding and to reduce mixing and mingling in the classrooms.Class sizes have been modified to reflect current county recommendations, and to allow for social distancing.学生和老师将避免击掌、碰拳、贴纸和手印.Classrooms and lessons start times have been offset to reduce traffic. 课程将提前3分钟结束,以便学生安全过渡.

Bathroom Use

356平台鼓励所有学生在来上课前使用家里的洗手间.Bathrooms will be limited for emergencies and will be cleaned frequently.


Our employees will be wearing masks per government mandate.所有2岁及以上的家长和学生(根据政府关于在公共场所戴口罩的规定)在室内或室外上课和上课时都必须戴口罩.

到来 & Departure

Private Music Lessons

私人356平台学生将使用建筑的正门进出. 东侧将供到达的学生使用,西侧将供离开大楼的学生使用.

Dance Classes and Group Music Classes

舞蹈和团体356平台的学生将从建筑的后面进出. Staff and students will be the only people allowed in the building. 上课时间被抵消了,所以舞蹈和团体356平台的学生不会同时到达或结束. 家庭可以在建筑物后面指定的距离点或在他们的车里等候. There will be no vehicles allowed in the parking lot behind the school.Students will not enter until directed by a 工作人员 member. 成年人和兄弟姐妹可以在上课时在车里或外面等着,以帮助在大楼里保持社交距离. 如果有必要,5岁以下的小舞者的父母可以护送他们到教室,让他们感到舒适. 但在上课时间,他们必须离开,在外面或车里等着.Please limit caregiver drop off to one person whenever possible. Sibling visitors cannot be accommodated during this term.Parents will be asked to wait outside for students to be released. 下课后,家长必须到接送门接孩子. Due to safety reasons, 学生将需要在他们进入的门口等待迟到的成年人来接. Please don’t be late!

Gradual Re-Opening And Readjusting

356平台正在逐步重新开放,小班授课,并有适当的时间进行清洁和卫生. 私人课程的最后3-5分钟将专门用于过渡时间,并将用于打包, making homework notes, cleaning and sanitizing, or checking in with parents if necessary.356平台将继续遵循任何政府指令,并致力于重新调整以留住356平台的学生, 工作人员, and families at home as safe as possible.

Tech-Enabled Facilities

在这种不断变化的情况下,布鲁姆的356平台和舞蹈课程将保持不变! 356平台已经准备好了亲自授课、混合授课或远程授课.所有的教学工作室和课程都将为那些希望开始或继续在线的人提供Zoom功能. 无论是面对面还是直播的集体课程都将有清晰的视频和音频.Outdoor classes will be live only. If canceled for any reason including weather or air quality, class will be online through Zoom at the regularly scheduled time.因为任何原因需要呆在家里的舞者或356平台家都可以在家里登录课程! 如果学生需要错过户外课程,将提供Zoom补课选项.Parents can observe classes from anywhere through Zoom.

Last updated: September 15th 2020